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Articles About First-Gen Students

Affluent parents use their advantages to get their kids to and through college, then pull strings to land them jobs.

By Alfred Lubrano

Even as we speak grandly in this country of kids doing better than their parents, the emotional cost of rising is rarely acknowledged. And places like Penn are where the often unseen drama of being class-mobile plays out.

By Alfred Lubrano

Social and cultural factors are working against many students who are the first in their family to pursue higher education

By Kavitha Cardoza

The Covid-19 pandemic has been exhausting for college students for various reasons, from feeling drained by virtual classes to missing in-person graduation celebrations to worrying about paying off loans.

By Ashley Whillans, Laura M. Giurge, Lucia Macchia, and Ayse Yemiscigil

Several first-generation college students shared extraordinary struggles they faced during the pandemic. From lost jobs, lost apartments, a responsibility to care for family members and more.

By Mateo Garces-Jimenez

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